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Maya-Badillo BA, Tran Nguyen TA, Rodríguez Trujillo SI. 2019. Respuesta de la diversidad de invertebrados a la heterogeneidad de la hojarasca. The Mexican Naturalist. 10: 7-9. (A journal for a graduate field course)

*all authors contributed equally and listed in alphabetical order.

Personal projects

  • About Nature

Report on insects and spiders at BPBO (2016) – A documentation on arachnids and insects at Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory during my stay there in August-September 2016. The aforementioned link leads to the post on their website, while this one leads to an optimized version (best downloaded). (2015) – A library of birding resources I created for beginner birders. A lot of the materials are useful for birders in general (link reactivation tbd).

  • Literature

I Was Born Under the Bad Star (2017) – A book retelling Suong Tran’s near-death experience as a Vietnamese ‘boat person’ who escaped communism in the 1980s. My father wrote the book before I was born, and I helped edit it for publication over two decades later.

Work or guest projects

  • Ornithology

Blog posts for Tatlayoko Lake Bird Observatory (2017) – As an Assistant Bander, one of my ‘duties’ was to write in the blog about daily events, and to arrange opportunities for volunteers to also do so if they wish.

Writing in the Beakon (2016) – A little blurb about my interests and aspirations for the Fall 2016 edition of the Beakon, a newsletter by Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory.