What kinds of questions does going through a day in life–or staring out a Bridgehead window–yield? These are mostly questions that pique my curiosity but that are out of my field of expertise, or require more time/energy to research than I currently have. This page serves as a reminder for me to look into the idea (e.g. is the idea something that has been researched before? What do we know about it?), and a potential idea for you to explore, from which the results you can share with the world! Let me know if you do use one from this list or have interesting information.


  • How long does it take for smell ‘habituation (?)’ to leave—and the smell be detectable again to our (nose or) brain? There are studies on mice about time to smell ‘desensitization’ and, I think, at least one done on humans, but what about time to re-sensitization? Is it majorly affected by the person’s smell sensitivity, smell memory, emotional trigger…?


  • What are the links between HSP (highly sensitive person), parental attachment style, and other factors? We know that HSPs tend to also be introverts, and this might partially be due to introverts’ tendency to introspect more. From some online forums, we might also notice that some HSPs have gone through trauma earlier in life. The links can be so complex that I do not know where to begin.


  • Just like homosexuality (or some inclination towards it) is in part genetic, can asexuality or aromanticism (…inclination towards it) also be in part genetic?
    • What environmental/social factors might contribute to changes over ones lifetime?