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On my way to BC in July, I dropped by Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta (yay free passes thanks to Canada 150!). On my way back to Ottawa in October, I went to Yoho National Park in BC and Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. Oh, and I drove through the big snow chaos from ~Calgary to ~Medicine Hat…and counted 15 deserted vehicles down the snowed hills on the side of the freeway, including a big truck, between those two locations. Was it a matter of speed and/or carelessness? I can’t tell.

Back to parks. Banff and Jasper are widely known…and, I guess, as well as Yoho. Grasslands, on the other hand, is perhaps very underrated. It was suggested to me that I visit it, and it’s one of the best places I’ve been to. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the beautiful spring/summer wildflowers because I went there in October. Still, so many gems all around. The feeling that comes with being in the middle of Grasslands is indescribable. I’ll show one of the many gems below:


See that bison staring at me? You move. No, you move.