9 August – A friend and I will spend about a month at Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory, starting the 15th of August. I’ve finished packing up for the most part, and one of the fun pre-trip challenges is to pack the bare minimum–enough to get by and do what is to be done.

Counting down the days, finishing tasks that must be done before the trip, and scheduling for after the trip. Of course, I’m really looking forward to the knowledge and experience. I’m also looking forward to briefly surveying the peninsula and trying to come up with a project idea–gets my blood pumping.

Back in Ottawa on the 15th of September at around 10 pm. I learned so much about vegan cooking from the friend who traveled with me; went shopping for vegan butter, vegan cheese, red lentils, and other items the morning after at ~8 am!

Anyway, about the trip. It was remarkable. I learned many more bird observatory operation techniques as well as bird handling ones. Aside from the expected, however, I studied and explored a lot. I mainly studied about trees (with the help of a friend) and insects. I decided to take on a simple project: document insects around the observatory. It is currently progressing well, although I still have a big folder with pictures of unidentified species.

In front of the cottage in which I stayed during the month, there was a shipwreck:



Underwater view of the ship!

On the south side of the observatory, there are three bluffs. I got to climb on Middle bluff with the team. The path up is simply impossible to find without ribbons…or someone very knowledgeable about the area.


Anyone who has traveled to the Bruce peninsula for leisure must have done (part of) the Bruce trail and visited the Grotto. The Bruce trail is the longest one in Canada, with a distance of above 800 km. A friend and I went right after students went back to school, and yet it was still very busy. We did part of the trail from Tobermory to Little Anse Cove, and then we visited Cyprus lake + the grotto on another day.


Grotto, Georgian Bay


Grotto, Georgian Bay

At the end of the day, I’m always back in the cottage right next to the Georgian Bay. The views for sunrises and sunsets are always different. I wish I had taken pictures of those every day. Here is a sunrise and a sunset anyway.


6:55 am, Georgian Bay side, 10 Sep. 2016


7:48 pm, Wingfield Basin side, 10 Sep. 2016

That’s all I have to say for now. I’m leaving for Thunder Bay on the 27th of September–Thunder Cape Bird Observatory (TCBO). Back on the 1st of November.