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I was invited to attend Osprey chick banding (by IPBO) on the 19th of July at 13:30. There’s at least 1 Osprey family near Shirley’s Bay and the one I visited had 2 chicks until last week. 1 was reported to have either lost balance or been pushed and fell off the high nest.

The man-made  Osprey tower was first lowered to human level, and then the Osprey chick was lifted out of the nest.

Lowering the tower/nest.

Lowering the tower/nest.

Empty nest.

One of the parents was circling the nest from above and giving its highly alarming alarm call. It seemed like it would dive-bomb us soon. I couldn’t find the second parent.

One of the parents is definitely angry at us.

A bunch of measurements were taken (bill length, wing length, etc.) and two bands were put on the Osprey, 1 on each side. The bird received some water so it would stay cool and hydrated. It was 29°C.

Osprey chick and the handy stick.

Some added vodka would’ve been nice, mentioned the person holding the bottle.

It was finally put back in the nest and the platform was raised.

Here’s the picture of a dud–a defective egg that would’ve been a third chick.

That’s all. I will turn into a primitive being and go live with black bears and shorebirds at James Bay from the 28th-ish of July to the 15th of August. Once I’ve turned back into a hominid (assuming I do), I will try to post about my journey.