There certainly is a correlation between how many times I do activities related to nature (and how [not] busy I am) and the number of posts I publish. I wrote about my visit to the Museum of Nature (Central Ottawa) in mid-December, but I decided to leave the post unpublished. Reason being, I thought that people can just take a visit and see exhibits for themselves, and the one single oddity I found worth mentioning was about how the only Peregrine Falcon I could find in the Bird exhibit section was a juvenile. With all its downy feathers as seen below. I’ll just leave it at that. Anyhow, this post will be brief–maybe not quantitatively (length-wise), but qualitatively.

Here’s a leaf. Note, it’s not just a leaf, but a leaf.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A leaf plucked off of a tree on the first extremely cold day in 2015 in Ottawa. The 5th of January, with wind-chill bringing the temperature down to about -26°C. As you can see, the leaf is covered with a thin layer of ice. What I did–now most people may call this boring, but who knows…a few may not–was that I waited until the ice layer loosened up, until the ice was no longer holding firm the leaf.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have to say the time waited was a bit stretched, thus there was a mini puddle on the table and the ice-leaf’s shape isn’t as similar to the real leaf’s as it would’ve been otherwise.