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Birds collide/fight with windows regardless of whether I find them or not. I’ve done at least 5 shifts and I haven’t found a single one! What’s wrong with me??

Today’s abnormally chilly;  I’ll find one.

Those thoughts kept on repeating themselves in my head as I biked around Carleton University for FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program, http://www.flap.org). I had reached the grassy side (North) between Minto Center and Mackenzie Building and so I jumped off my bike and walked. Suddenly, I saw a big whitish thing on the ground. “Is that a bird?”, I thought. That was the belly of a hairy woodpecker.

Female Hairy Woodpecker. ~9″ in length, bill almost as long as the head. Crossed fingers the ID’s not wrong.

A wasp was flying dead close to her left eye. I tried to shoo it away before taking a picture and jotting down notes. It took a whole minute of debating with myself before I agreed to use the smaller zip-lock bag for this girl. Close to tears as I walked away from the spot…surprisingly more composed than I thought I would be. A few more steps and I bumped into this guy.


I had to do every movement at a quarter speed to keep it from stepping back into its hole (pulling the camera out of my bag). It might have been the 4th time it did the drill of hiding and peeking before I took the picture.