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Beginning in August (2014), two months of construction will deepen the pond (from a maximum of two metres today to three or four metres) and reconnect it to the river.

fish will get in, using the still waters of the pond as sheltered spawning territory, protected from the fast-flowing (Rideau) river water in springtime.

– Ottawa Citizen

I crossed out “Brewer Park Pond” from my Summer List today.

According to OFNC (Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club), this place is a nice spot for amphibians among many others. That made it a must-go for the summer. I checked the wind speed on the Weather Network, it was below 14 km/h (great!), and hopped on my bike.

Once arrived, I saw a pretty little____ fly right pass me and land a meter ahead.  I slowly walked up to it and pulled out my newly bought entry-level DSLR. The little one was in my personal space and it didn’t budge a single bit. Am I supposed to feel flattered? Really should start studying the book guide for flies.


Common Whitetail, as ID-ed by OFNC member Brent Eades.


Leopard Frog, as ID-ed by OFNC member Terry Fraser.

I continued my walk and saw my first amphy of the day. I laid down on the grass and moved my camera with utmost slowness.I only saw two of them and thought they were the only ones around, but I should have known better. After standing back up and taking a few steps, I saw a swarm of frogs hopping around me. For various reasons, my time was running short; I decided to sit down for a bit before parting ways with the pond.

IMG_3032P.s. No, it wasn’t a brewery, as probably guessed. Here’s a little history: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/brewer-park-pond-channels-its-wild-side. I took the above quote from there.