About Me


Hi, I’m Anna. I’m interested in wildlife, research and teaching. I really enjoy writing about my nature-related experiences (on the Blog page) and I hope you enjoy your read.

Research work that currently involve a big part of my brain space are in the following fields:

  • Bird monitoring – use of autonomous technologies for effective bird monitoring
  • Landscape ecology – links between bird migration and habitat use11221170_10155545195015644_101376637_o

I am (almost) always looking for opportunities to band birds, even though it is not directly related to my research. I support bird banding to obtain specific bird attributes and monitoring information–through education that prioritizes best practices for bird safety and monitoring efficiency–and I support the development of less invasive methods for bird monitoring. Let me know if I can be of help at a bird banding observatory or with your bird banding project–whichever continent it is!

I am also looking for opportunities to learn more about interdisciplinary or less-related fields.  I have a strong interest in and self-taught knowledge of Psychology (see my Miscellaneous/Questions page). One of my more recent interests includes ethnobotany, or specifically, links between indigenous people and medicinal plants.

Contact me at at.ngth@gmail.com, or through this website, and I would be happy to chat.